Home of Bacchanal Pepper Sauce.

A Passion for Pepper.

Hey Scotty!

The Scotch Bonnet pepper also known as Caribbean Red pepper, Ball of fire, or Boabs Bonnet, is the star of our Bacchanal Pepper Sauce. A variety of chili pepper found mainly in the Caribbean islands, the Maldives and West Africa. Most Scotch Bonnets have a heat rating of 100,000–350,000 Scoville Units (Hot). They generally come in a green, yellow or bright red hue. Sometimes when making our Bacchanal Pepper sauce we find a few unique tri-colored beauties in the batch. Our good luck charms!

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Caribbean Flavors.

It's never just about the heat for us. It's about amazing flavor! There are other sauces out there whose only reason for existence is to burn your head off. We enjoy that sensation too but more importantly we love amazing food and that's why our pepper sauce is bursting with unique ingredients such as tamarind, lime and papaya with the perfect amount of fire. From that first stimulating taste - ain't nothing but flavor. Savor your island vacation in a bottle!


Brooklyn Made.

We love the Caribbean, the flavors, the people, the beaches. However, we have an equal soft spot for Brooklyn. It's an incredibly diverse borough with a great personality; from the magnitude of the Brooklyn Museum to the amazing restaurants tucked away in every enclave, we believe Brooklyn is a slice of paradise on this side of the equator. Our pepper sauce is for those who appreciate good food, wonderful flavors and in some small way it's our gift to Brooklyn. Enjoy!

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