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Once upon a pepper seed....


Bacchanal Sauce is the brainchild of a Brooklyn girl with Caribbean roots. It started with one pepper seed of an idea – what if there was  a hot sauce that wasn’t just about heat for the sake of it, but about delicious flavor and the perfect island kick?  A hot sauce that pepper heads and the average home cooks could use on everything without choosing between heat and flavor. Imagine capturing that hot spicy island vacation in a bottle without leaving your couch! That was the start of Bacchanal Sauce crafting fiery condiments with exotic tropical ingredients. The company has now expanded to include a unique fast-casual Caribbean restaurant concept along with one of a kind pop up food experiences. 

Following the pepper and her Caribbean spiked palate Chef Sonya Samuel started Bacchanal Sauce to highlight the taste, excitement, and revelry of a hot Caribbean fête in the form of tropical island condiments & food experiences! Sonya’s goal is always to share the buoyant richness of Caribbean culture both in the islands and in her Brooklyn & New York community where Caribbean sights and sounds have become wonderfully woven into the

 New York cultural fabric.

Bacchanal Sauce’s debut product, Bacchanal Pepper Sauce is the exclusive Caribbean inspired hot pepper sauce with deliciously complex flavor & the perfect amount of heat. We also make a rotating roster of seasonal hot sauces, jams & jellies. Each condiment is handcrafted & contains a complex mix of tropical ingredients adding wonderful brightness to every dish.

FoodCurated “…she believes in food: that good food should create memories and moments. It should “transport” you.  And, you know what, I’ll give it to her. This pepper sauce is like a nice, spicy vacation.”

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